52: 21



Red String of Fate. do you believe in this? “according to this myth, the gods tie a red cord around the ankles of those that are to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way.” — Wikipedia

tbh I kinda believe in stuffs like this. myths, Fengshui, Yin & Yang. but I dont believe in the stuffs people say ’bout it. get what I mean? like yup, there’s this invisible energy around us, aura, whatever, but buying some crystals or bracelets whatsoever wont change it it’s just some business strategies. anyway, according to Chinese, the strings are tied around the ankles but in Japanese culture, it’s tied around the little finger. I did both HAHAHA lifeless.


running around in a maxi plus a thread around your ankle is NO FUN AT ALL OK. there’re times I nearly fell backwards ’cause I ter-step them. also, trying to squeeze yourself into a frame is oh-my-god-hard. I think I broke my spine attempting this.


spot that white hair.


the first thought of this shoot is the JDrama Akai Ito. one drama that I never finished (alright I barely even started it I watched only one ep). and then halfway through the shoot my brain went “hey, remember another JDrama Last Friends? yea you sucks at watching drama man you watched only two eps. ” side note: I watched The Heirs before cny and am stucked at ep fourteen right now I really dont have the energy to continue watching it you know I even fantasize it as some sort of high school horror drama. the only reason I would continue watching it is Im Joo Eun. true beauty.


tutorial: how to set up cam from overhead angle. stuffs you’ll need: bookcase, pillow, some thick books and a string. I'm better than the guy who set it up on a hotel’s a/c ok.


52: 20



Jekyll and Hyde. oh no. all those Tumblr negativities.

I just realized that The Curious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was the first gothic book I got a chance to read. but boy, I got lost half way reading the book so I ditched it and focused on Phantom of the Opera instead HAHAHAHA.

anyway, outtakes. I did this in three different days (you see I wore different tees) which resulted in many many many photos fml ’cause I couldnt get the right one. but I got to practise a lil bit with ps which is good yeah.


52: 19



from Tabidachi no Uta by Mr. Children. the original lyrics is “even if you don’t go around turning on the lights // someday your lonely nights will see the dawn ” but somehow I remembered it as “don’t go around turning on the lights looking for me.” I’m good at mixing things up. :P

my sis gave me this candle to “get rid of the wax and give the cup back” so yea. it’s actually a miracle that I managed to find another two candles. dont really fancy these stuffs.


52: 18



sorry for the hiatus. something really bad happened. our phone line uhm, became someone else’s line so there’s no WiFi for three days. that was the third time. which is ridiculous. and when they were asked to restore the line they gave the excuse that their technicians are off for weekends. which is like ridiculous combo. hello which freaking service business got off day wan?

and. we actually had a cooking session at Dino’s house two days ago. I brought Baby Nick. but oh dear, I forgot the memory card. zzz.

anyway. there’s a really happy news I’ve got. Xin Li done her 52 project. which is wow. all her photos are uh-ma-zing. I planned to stop this during SPM but oh, I just knew that many people’s projects didn’t end at the time they’re supposed to. so yea, although I sucks.


recently I’ve been looping Birdy’s Wings and the last line wouldn’t get out of my head. I was thinking of making fake wings but oh, I sucks at arts and crafts so let’s forget ’bout it. let’s use paper cranes instead.

I was half packing my room and preparing for my trip when I shoot these. guess what. my room’s still a mess right now.


hardest part of this shoot? it’s not setting up the cam. it’s putting the cranes on my back. it’s really hard when you see your reflection instead of the real thing. when I was supposed to put left I put right. when I was supposed to put right I put left. ugh. btw, you wouldnt want to know where I set up my cam but Im gonna say anyway. I set it up on the toilet bowl. yes, toilet bowl, in the toilet. this was taken from the toilet. hahahahahaha.



I still think this photo goes with the caption “Merry Christmas!”. hahaha.


52: 17



week 17 of 52 project. from the first line of the song Way Back Into Love “I’ve been living with a cloud above my head”. ok so now I googled it I’m wrong I mixed up the first two lines wtfhahaha. just trying out new brushes in PS.

dad lectured me ’bout how much time I’m spending on photog so I don’t think I can do a lot in the next 2 months plus SPM is near. :O so there, huge chances Movie Monday is gonna be back.


52: 16


so this is week 16 for 52 project, can’t believe it’s been four months already! this series is sort of Xin Li inspired. her photos are all so beautiful. :D


took me about one hour to hang the crane up. from folding it to making it “fly”. had to lug the ladder up from the second floor and move things around for space aih my t-shirt was soaked with sweat after that yikes. and I loathe myself for not prepping earlier. -.-


even it took one hour I was lucky to find a suitable dress in like 30 secs and something to sit/lie on in 2 mins hahaha.


attempt 83792. yea, thanks Dell for keeping me “afloat” hahaha it was the magician not me. this was one of the two poses that won’t make me fall and my abs hurt like hell.


after n times of running back and forth from the camera and strategically placing my dress around and correcting my posture I finally got a decent shot.


and this was what happen from my point of view. chaos, chaos and more chaos. @@



I didn’t bother to take it down after the shoot so now it still hangs there. suicidal crane.

the rest is Photoshop magic, yea, my part-time boyfriend hahahaha we’re so gonna get married soon. :P