D&C: One Year Quitting Snapchat


...and missing The Snap That Broke The Internet by Kim Kardashian.

so, how's it going without Snapchat huh? one year, I probably already forgot how it felt to have Snapchat but I'm reminded. thanks a lot, Instagram*.

last year, I quit Snapchat without knowing if I will get back to it again. for some time, my thumb would still automatically move to where the icon used to be (#musclememory) but then it stopped. that's just one changes among many others:

I Can Happily Move On With My Life Without Worrying That I Didn't Document It

in the first few weeks, I kept having the urge to Snap and then thought "oh, it's not in my phone anymore." the urge wasn't difficult to fight, but it kept coming back. then I'd convince myself that no one probably cares anyway. and slowly, I'm used to laugh at silly things (that somehow amuses me .__. ) for a second and then happily move on with my life.

Meeting Up With Friends Is Full Of Surprises (for both me and them)

my quitting Snapchat might come off as rude for some people? because even up till a couple months ago, I still get people asking me "eh, why are you ignoring me? didn't you see my Snap to you?" ...awkward. I had to explain myself and then they' would persuade me to go back again by giving me an "update" on things that happened in the few months that they saw from Snapchat.

it seems that Snapchat is the news site for friends nowadays, perhaps the only "safe" social media that our parents aren't using? so there're lots of things that're exclusively on Snapchat I'd only heard about someone's shenanigans two weeks later from my friends. imagine my eyes wide in surprise 70% of the time when I yumcha with my friends. I'm the only one listening to it for the first time when everyone already knew these stories.

I Worried About FOMO

those surprises during yumcha is what worried me at the beginning - FOMO. sometimes I still wonder if I should go back to Snapchat, especially since many of my friends went overseas and I seldom use Skype (because I didn't have a mic**). I have zero idea when people tell me that my-friend-who's-studying-abroad has a new funny friend (ouch. ahem, Moses Looi I'm looking at you). and trying not to feel hurt when this friend drifts away from you and gets closer with another person. T~T I was worried that these friendships would just die like that.

I Stopped Worrying About FOMO

FOMO went on until I met my friends during semester break. I mean, catching up - that's the whole point of yumcha right? why would I want to see you if I've already knew what you're up to? and it's so much fun to imagine what they see or do rather than seeing them. I have so many questions to ask! I become much more interested when we talk face to face. also, there's a difference between documenting and sharing. and I think recounting stories is so much better. I mean, your brain has already processed the experience so instead of spamming everything right in their face, you share to the person sitting opposite to you what you remembered most, what you felt most, what impressed you most... and I'm glad that I heard so many stories from my friends, in person, instead of from a screen. and if I missed out stories about someone's extravagant birthday party (that I'm not invited to ;_; ), that's fine.

I Don't Have "Friends" Anymore

looking back, I think this is the best part of quitting. it made me reconsider all my "friendships". do I really care about them? or am I just nosy? do they care about telling people how are they now? or do they just want to show people that they their life is glam? here comes the perks of introversion after quitting Snapchat... JENG JENG JENG. I became clear about who are worth calling Friends and who are just Acquaintances. here's the thing: I can't go out and meet people often. a lot of people don't understand this, but I really can't. I will have sensory overload and need a lot of time to process them. so, I have to pick carefully who I wanna hangout with. and that basically made me cut ties with like 70% of people I used to "care" about. and the rest of the 30%... feel honoured please. haha. 


More Time, Less Stress

oh, another thing that's changed since quitting Snapchat - I decided to use the time that I used to spend on Snapchat to head out to classes or appointments early. it's starting to become a habit and I'm glad that I don't stress about being late anymore. you should try~

so long, Snapchat, you won't be missed.


*finally, my sister's understanding of Snapchat stopped being people pretending to be animals.
**speaking of which, Yi Hsien couldn't
tahan and donated his mic to me before he left for 'Murica. so friends who miss me (I doubt anyone will feel so), you can now Skype me without feeling awkward being the only one who speaks when we Skype. 


NEW IN: 02


hola! back with some new stuffs I got recently (not really).


TokyoMilk shower gel and some Aesop products from Ade. not one who pampers her skin much (really, swimming without sunblock) so I'm excited to try these plus they smell good mm~! you can get it from Snackfood


bought this bookmark-slash-pencil-holder-slash-earphone-winder at the Awesome Market last month. we all agreed to take something home and I watched the last cat (!) plate I've been eyeing on went to someone else's hands so I bought my second choice. a dilemma though: it's too small that I'm gonna lose it in a few days. but I love the design and it turned out to be useful! now I can solve my Sudoku anywhere without worrying that I'll lose my pencil. and I've been thinking many other ways to use this.


in my imaginary future home, it will be filled with rows and rows of hardcover design and movie books but in reality though, I can only afford this The Art of Pixar all thanks to our lovely government for the book voucher. also for the Murakami book and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde book (which I tumpang on Sherry's voucher haha).

I love the red-white-black cover series of the Murakami books (it's starting to sell out oh God D:) so I've been buying a new one whenever I finish reading one. The Little Prince - planned to just finish it in a bookshop one afternoon until I saw this cover! plus it's on discount! and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde... I regretted not reading it during secondary school (put all my focus on The Phantom of the Opera opps) but I find it interesting now. have been reading the online version, but still, nothing beats the touch of paper. also, the cover! haha! it's so beautiful!

yeah, call me a person who judges a book by it's cover. whatevs.


I wouldn't've bought these flats if it's not for my sister's wedding. ain't Cinderella, I can't stand all the pain from wearing heels. plus, I messed up my toe pretty bad. I hate flats. I prefer flip flops over them. but you know, #life. sometimes you gotta conform. this pair from H&M turns out to be comfy and it's simple. I can see myself wearing these a lot. rest well, flip flops.


D&C: Behind A Beautiful Distraction



A Beautiful Distraction started as a free WordPress blog in 2012 as a site for me to share, document and experiment, apart from ranting. fast forward to 2016, it has moved to Squarespace and is still a space for me to continue doing what I love - creating and messing around.

I’ve been in the blogosphere since about 10 years ago. I know, I know, you want to ask, what the heck was I doing with a blog at the age of 10*? My sister was assigned to set up a webpage then and being a nosy, irritating little sister, I followed whatever she did. 

I hope it's an interesting story like how my parents bought me a camera and here is where I share it or how my friends realize I'm good at writing and encourage me to start a blog or how I moved 10000 miles away from home and use this as a tool to update my friends and family. but that's just how it is. and I'm glad.

*please go ahead and count my age




when I moved* I wanted a blog name that has "beautiful" in it because I like the word. I also wanted an "A" at the beginning because it's the first letter. then for whatever reason, "distraction" came and sit at the end of the phrase and didn't want to go. like a college boyfriend, I love it, but sometimes I just think that it's not right. it's too long and not catchy. I wanted to change it when I moved here but it's too troublesome to think up a new one. so yeah, whatever, I'm still stuck in this relationship. I don't hate it, mind you, I just find it odd.

also, the switch to Squarespace was a little abrupt but I've been playing around with the free trial since last July. I didn't like how Wordpress needs plugin. Squarespace is simple and minimal, easy to navigate. it does has it's limitations, especially 'cause I like to play around with layouts. but before I find a coding wizard, I'll stick to Squarespace.

*storage problem, le sigh




you probably think I lead a "glam" life hopping cafes after cafes and having fun. honestly though, I think you can find me sitting in front of my laptop or desktop 90%* of the time and 8% out of the 10% I'm driving. 

blogging is not hard, but it takes a lot of time and effort.

okay. you probably already know that as the Chinese saying goes like "ten years of practices for a three-minute performance". but you don't know the details until you watch Whiplash**.

*might also comprises of reading my blog feed, doing assignments and rounds after rounds of Tetris Battle
**go watch it, it's one of my favourite films

Q: How long do you usually take to write a post?

I know you're gonna hate this answer but... it depends. but it's never less than 2 hours. the longest was this post that took, well, obviously, one year. normally it'll take two days for me to properly organize and filter my photos. then, it'll take another half day to post process and upload*. sometimes I could be toying around in Illustrator on and off for 2 weeks and then at the last minute, decide to use some other image. it seems more relaxed doing things on and off but when I'm putting things together before I post, I realize that there's so many problems to fix and I'll have to spend hours on it.

*I don't mean like I spend 60 hours in one sitting lah. I mean like there's a little slash maybe quite an amount of procrastination in it.

anyway, I don't usually pre-plan what I need for a post. I just wing it, even after realizing times after times that I cannot. and here's an "infographic" sorta thing that shows you what it's like to be me.


"no" 8 out of 10 times when I want to take photos. not to mention that I have to search up and down my house for the right props. by the time everything's ready, I'm already soaking in sweat.

when shooting cafes or people, I was really shy at first. but after some time I became really buaypaiseh and just don't care how others see me and keep snapping away. I see some people who wants nice visuals but aren't willing to look stupid. if you want an overlay of your desserts, stand on your chair if you need it. that's the kind of price you pay. haha.

Q: Where do you normally get the props?

haha. this was asked by Kyan, who kinda lend me most of the stuffs. things like books, flowers, toys and polaroids, they're mine. credits goes to Alibaba and his cafe, 12 Cafe where Kyan works, for props used in this recent experiment postthis post about my Bally shoes and when we did a studio shoot.

now you may wonder why it takes so long for me to filter my photos. I'm pretty OCD when it comes to this and I can spend 5 minutes comparing 2 photos that's just a little different, like 1 is slightly askew. I also spend a lot of time just organizing my photos and files. here's a rough figure of how many photos I take each time:

Hangout post: ~50 photos
(my highest record is 200 in Bean Brothers Malaysia)
Photo Diary post:  ~150 photos
Still Life post: 30~200
Through Lens post: 30~200
Travel: 200 per day

and what ends up here is only about 10%. sometimes, some photos don't even manage to end up as a post. 

after going through these, it's time for post processing and it's another long process because I'm always indecisive. like what do I do, should I +0.05 or +0.10 for exposure? but it takes lesser time because I've already filtered down to about 10 photos.

that's why, even though I don't mind people using my photos, I really, really hate it when people don't credit* and notify me. I know there are people who do that because I am a giant stalker**. you probably don't understand why I hate it so much before, but now you know. please, they're not photos that take only five minutes to process using an iPhone and VSCO.

you think the process is smooth after going through these? no. I always think that too, but a lot of the times when it comes to uploading, there's problems like page won't load, or there's no WiFi connection***. :/

after getting the post up, there're still things to do that readers normally overlook. for easier navigation, I've to tag it, categorize it, schedule it, make sure the URL is right and  links aren't broken. and finally, TADAA, done!

*please link me or my blog
**more gigantic than the stalk in
Jack and the Beanstalk

that's how a blogpost is done. there are still other stuffs to take care of, like the Homepage and social media. I also have to constantly tweak the site so it stays up to date. so yeah, blogging is not hard, but to keep a site running, it takes a lot of time and effort.




here's a sum of what I usually use. I know it's definitely not English but I hope you guys understand~



Nikon D90
(previously, RIP Baby Nick)
Nikon D5300
Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G
Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G
Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G
Wacom Intuos Photo


VSCO preset




Q: Where do you get your inpirations?

I am one of those crazies who can stay at a bookstore or record store for an hour not reading any synopsis or trying any CDs. I love looking at things. if you want inspirations, they are everywhere. one of the fastest way for photo inspiration is those visual geared website, like Tumblr, Pinterest or Flickr. you can follow me on my Tumblr. also, pay a lot of attention while watching movies, they're a good start. and most importantly, read.

I don't usually share my blog/Instagram/Facebook following* so please appreciate this list that I put up. /wink wink/ I started to really follow blogs when I signed up for Bloglovin' because of Lookbook, so most of my list consists of fashion bloggers... yeah, I know some of you find it weird that me, someone who spends more time in her PJs than socially acceptable clothes, actually reads fashion blogs**.


*unless you're so interested in me that you actually stalk my profile, which I think nobody does :/
**there's a high chance I know more about fashion than you OOTDs-Instagrammer /smirks/



it makes me both happy and surprised that people actually care about what I write. like when I posted about donating my hair, people actually came to ask me about it. there are also people asking for travel tips, etc. if you have any questions, don't be shy. just drop a comment and I'll be more than happy to share it with you! it's because of you that it makes me realize that I'm not alone on this journey. 

so far I'm still not sure where this blog is going, but here's a list of people I want to specially thanks for all these time: my family for allowing me space to do what I like, Yuenny - my number one fan, Temperance - the wise one, Wilson - finally, a lens buddy, Jia Yi and Li Ying for all the kind words, my close friends - from both high school and uni, people who follow me along the years, and finally, you, the one reading this. :)




since moving here, I've set up separate Twitter and Instagram accounts while my Tumblr remains the same. my Facebook is still personal, only for friends and family. if you don't want to miss any blogposts, make sure you follow me on Bloglovin'! you can also say a simple "hi" by dropping me a mail at ruoling_lu@hotmail.com.

for your convenience, just click on the buttons to get to my profiles. :)

thanks for reading all the way till here. I wish I could give you a potato but rather, I'd give you a virtual hug.


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NEW IN: 01


stuffs I got recently. a bar of soap and a Pusheen plushie for my birthday. never thought I'd be so happy to receive a plushie but... it's Pusheen, can I not? anyway, I got the CDs from the Petaling Street Popular at a discount rate. only RM3 for The Temper Trap and Rock Corner is selling it for RM40+. :O anyway, I'm still looking for their Conditions album. if you know where I can get it, hit me up. :)


D&C: Just Keep Swimming


I used to play basketball and badminton when I was still in school. but as time passed and I grew up, I did only individual sports because I hate human (meh, the truth is nobody wants to be with me :'( ) I know people do individual sports to clear their mind but I love it because it does the direct opposite to me, I'm focused on thinking... and I love thinking (come be my friend, I may be the next Murakami, who knows? XD).

the idea of finishing a marathon at least once in a lifetime interests me, so I took up running. but then, in January of '14, I found out that I have scoliosis (beware, especially girls) and I stopped running.

so I said I'm going swimming...

...and it only happened almost 2 years later.

hang on, let me explain. there's 3 pools in Kajang: Bukit Mewah, TLS and Jade Hills. I didn't want to go to Bukit Mewah's because it gives me an impression that it's always crowded, TLS's is far, I'm too old to be eligible for the Jade Hill's family package but in the end we found out that a "family" can still apply one as long as the "children" are still studying.

so yeah. but then I didn't know how to swim. I can float, I can kick, but I have no idea how to breathe. I know, I know, it's in the human mechanism, but I'm pretty sure I would be the first human (except babies) to die because I'm just not intuitive enough to know how to breathe.

in the beginning I was That Girl With The Winnie The Pooh Swimming Float and I guess the club staff and the regulars already know this by the first month. I had to stay at the corner with my bright, yellow float so as not to get in the way of the others.

in December last year, my sisters came together with me for a few times and that's how I learned. it didn't take long, about 2 trips there and I got it. so here I am, making 20 laps each week after 2 years of saying "I'm going swimming".

since school has started recently and half of the time I'm not in Kajang anymore but I try to make it 3 times a week (please be nice, weather) and if my back is getting better, then I'm going back to the tracks.

so here's my message: never stop trying what you want. it may take time, you may procrastinate, things won't work out like you imagine, but yeah, so far I've crossed of "clear mailbox" and "copy high school English notes to computer". they've been there since 2014. /gasps/

anyway, my point is, you'll find your Nemo. cheers~

- this post is not sponsored by Pixar -


HANGOUT: Upstairs Cafe

"I got my camera so let's go to a fancy place."


cozy café with a quirky playlist in SS12. speaking of café, I think owners should remember that the interior adds value, it’s not the value. in the end, good food still wins. just look at roadside stalls.



Upstairs Café
1st floor, No. 12A,
Jalan SS 12/1B,
47500 Subang Jaya,

+603-5611 9171