ong lai!

the two brothers

a quiet moment at the busy market

some snaps from earlier this week when Ryan, Ronson (check out their page yo) and I went out to shoot in the morning after knowing that our parents’ share the same hometown—Sekinchan and that we’re back for the Lunar New Year.

I like going to wet markets whenever I’m at a different place because it’s always lively and buzzing. not to mention that they’re always same same but different from one another. ironically, I never go to the wet market at my town. XD it’s nice going to one again and the light that morning was perfect. <3

then, in the evening we went to the beach to shoot more… which I have yet to edit. >< it was enjoyable albeit a little stressed shooting with two professionals. haha~ till next time!

PHOTO DIARY: Asian Party

that night and many nights after.

Asian party 2018 | A Beautiful Distraction by Ruo Ling Lu

the thing is, other than catching the bus in the morning and on our days off, I don’t think we actually see much of the village in the sunlight.

not trying to be racist or anything, but really, all of us who were there that night were Asians - fact. always stick to the fact, kids. that one night when most of us didn’t need to work the next day - thanks to the Washington trip - the Thais, the twenty-one of them organized a cookout and we were unexpectedly invited over. now, I don’t remember much from that night, except a lot of awfully mixed alcoholic drinks and comparing which one was better, trying to learn each other’s languages - only the good words, not the profanity… I swear (haha #punintended) and childhood games that all of us know, despite the fact that we grew up in different countries.

after that, there were many nights spent at the corridors outside of either #136 or #118, shitting about our work and talking about whatever happened in the park that day - like a supervisor walking to Target buying burger buns because the park ran out of them (really? the way park is run… =.=). funnily, what exactly they’re mostly about, I can’t tell now.

and then there was a night in the kitchen teaching Polish and Czech Republic friends how to use the chopsticks. there was another night where we cooked for Khai’s birthday, and by the time “dinner” was ready, her birthday had already passed. and there was this night that finally it’s the Malaysians turn to cook for the Thais. so we ate bak kut teh at the basketball court. there’s also this one night, we carried a six-pack and walked all the way back from 7-Eleven, joking that it was nothing after pushing carts and carrying turkey legs for months.

and then there was the night shortly before Nok left. the idea was to hangout and listen to our favourite music, but she came to me with Kris’s leftover bed sheet that wasn’t returned and we lay on the wet grass (no, nope, the sheets ain’t helping) talking about life instead of living and talking about catching Arctic Monkey’s concert together in the future. we bought each other drinks and we laughed because… we bought the same thing for each other. XD we listened to Alexandra Savior’s song and watched the night sky and made our wishes when we caught a “falling star” flashing by. it was so chilly that at one point, I went back to my room to change into my sweatpants. when we could no longer keep our eyes open, even though we barely finished our drinks, we said goodnight and went back to our rooms to sleep. I could never stand the cold and I hated that I had grass and dew on my pants but after all it was well worth it.

even then, I always find it somehow amusing, that on this dot somewhere on the map, I once did all these.


a sweet end to my ten weeks of internship


Kavi dead to the world. this guy pulled a lie on us and made us so sad for a few days. well done ah!


a night filled with food, games and laughter to mark the end of my internship. it was a fruitful and fun ten-weeks and I'm pretty sure it'll only be half the fun without these people. till we meet (and maybe someday, work) again! :)


PHOTO DIARY: Chasing Night


an ode to my internship days...

passed by this area almost everyday during my internship period. one night we ate at Buns and it's only up close that I realized the walls are tiled. another time I was stuck in the traffic jam and contemplated how this area looked so 90s Hong Kong so I swooped a photo of the Subway signage.

so I asked Ash if he wanted to do a photo-walk around. since I haven't touched my camera for a long while anyway.


lonely fish tank and not-so-lonely fishes. spot moi from the reflection!


"cut it into 8 pieces."
"8? I thought we agreed on 20?"
"since when did I say 20?"
"20. 20 takes a shorter time to boil. and oh, remember to remove his wedding ring before you dump the parts into the pot."


it was drizzling before we head out. bonus~


the funny thing about this set of photos is... I had a totally different idea when I shot it. but when I edited them, I decided to go for the "Blade-Runner-esque" direction that's trending now. (see Liam Wong's and Marilyn Mugot's work.) didn't go all in though because I don't think they're exactly suitable. another night adventure perhaps?


anyway, also realized that I haven't played with angles for agesss. feel rusted because I spend most of my effort in editing. XD it's time to brush up my skill (and eye O.o).

till the next adventure~!

(no, don't get me wrong. I will still be posting, but I'm itching for some adventures as well. XD)


PHOTO DIARY: Light Sensation - Love Series


photo buddy of the day. I don't know when we said wanna go shooting together and a while later I saw this event on FB. it took only about 5 WhatsApp messages for us to decide. super ons yeah? some time during the evening we agreed that it's always good to have a company because you have to take care of your bag lah, your tripod lah, your lens cap lah, etc.


family day.


I didn't have any idea what to shoot that day and was actually still Googling photos from the Hong Kong one on the way there. the only thing we planned was to go early to catch the sunset. I guess it was worth it. couples and families were strolling and I was the only kiasu one sitting on the grass facing West waiting for the magic to happen (while we constantly phoned each other asking where are you, I can't see you)


we wanted to grab our dinner after the sun set but then the sky started to go crazy with the reds, oranges and blues. we didn't stay long after some tacos, just enough time to take some photos at night. we also didn't go up the watch tower (where was it ._.).

the whole event wasn't really that bad as the reviews circulating on social media. yes, it's pretty ridiculous to pay to see man-made flowers (c'mon people pay to see man-made garden in Singapore, technology has made us all a lil cuckoo). but there's early bird ticket. I didn't mind the shuttle service at all because the queue was okay and we only queued to exit. expensive pasar malamyou came here for the LEDs, what the hell do you expect? nothing much to see? then you should've gone earlier to see the sky change and the flowers light up. for me, there are a lot to see; so many families gathering on Mid-Autumn Festival, can you not appreciate that? if you're one of those who just want a couple shot in front of the flowers, well then I guess RM20 + queue + sweat smearing your make up+ expensive milk tea/wtv food = the price you gotta pay for entering the Instagram game.

back to the evening. I forgot to bring the tripod I borrowed and my 50mm decided to malfunction halfway through this so I had to use it manual all the way. orz. still managed to make some cinemagraphs (I hope I have time to edit the others) and learn how to do HDRs. here's to many more photog adventures (pls jio me).


PHOTO DIARY: Polaroids


ah, my polaroids! they're stuck on my wall, but I seldom look at them closely one by one, unless it's Pre-Finals period. it's both fun and nostalgic looking back at these photos. they bring you back to another time and place. and gosh, all those people that were once so close to you! whenever someone sees my wall I tell them that there's a lot of people that I don't know anymore. hey, although we don't talk much anymore because life happens*, know that I'm glad you guys came into my life and shared so many great moments together. =)

also, I've been carrying my Instax Mini 7s around for trips and travels. it's not exactly heavy, so why not? I'm really interested in playing around with ideas other than big human faces. haha! thinking about double exposure right now.

anyway, one of the things that's been on my to-do list since... forever is scanning my polaroids. I've scanned and posted them before but the quality wasn't good enough so I wanted to do it again. so on a Tuesday noon, Yi Hsien and Kyan came over to help me, because Ruo Ling has problems she wants her polaroids back to their original position on her Wall of Frames**. here's a shoutout to the both of them! and this time the quality is so good that even the dust are scanned in, haha!

if you see yourself down there and you want your photo, you can always drop a comment below (with your name of course so I know who you are!) or PM/DM on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram~ ^^

p.s. the photos take a while to load, please give 'em some time~

*wait, do I have one?
**failed tho