Just A Minute In June

wanting… to live in a mid-modern century home and play The Walters all day everyday.

listening… to Frank Sinatra and Justin Hurwitz again! man I think Hurwitz is my most played artist this year.

realising… that information holds value. a little too late.

learning… to be bored again. put down yer phone! and focus on… pooping! the best ideas come when I’m pooping. ain’t yours the same?

writing… a book? I don’t know. it happened at 3AM. and if it ever gets published, half the world’s population would be offended.

Just A Minute In May

loving… trains.

getting… detached from the world day by day. at least that’s what I felt. as to what it really is, I don’t know.

reading… The Hunger Games trilogy (god, it’s been seven years since I last and also first read them), Philosophy 101 and 《愿你从此,有我以后》.

watching… Stranger Things and a bunch of good films—Burning, The Favourite, Batman Trilogy, The Social Network, Shutter Island, Call Me By Your Name.

reminiscing… being sixteen.

growing… up.

Just A Minute In April

huehue. one April I did something “comic book” ish too. I’m loving it all the more after watching Into The Spiderverse and a breakdown of the film’s art. also what with Avengers and The Umbrella Academy, although I’ve never touched any Western comic books, I can’t deny that I like the style.

feeling… in awe of human’s ability / creation. amazing architectures, beautiful music, incredible inventions… (just pushing back the human destruction to the back of my mind.)

listening… to Final Fantasy, The Umbrella Academy and Sing Street’s soundtrack.

watching… Kim’s Convenience, Love, Death & Robots

thinking… “you get better.”

April certainly didn’t happen in a bang like the illustration but it’s quite eventful… relatively. the highlights: attended Distant Worlds and went to Hong Kong! also, I left my job. and that’s it.

Just A Minute In March

this month… loving noir (maybe cz I talked to Wilson recently and watched his school work 👍🏼) and getting interested in Rembrandt. that said, I’m studying chiaroscuro. other than that, I’ve been

growing… up. finally not just growing old.

wanting… to film myself sleeping? I know people say it’s silly when they heard about people who’ve done that before but… don’t you wonder what your body is up to when you’re sleeping? like hypnic jerks?

listening… to Justin Hurwitz and Primary. I just learnt that the soundtracks of First Man was done using this fascinating (electronic) instrument that one plays without touching it.

watching… Sex Education and The Umbrella Academy. I can’t wait for the second season of Sex Education!

realising… that a lot of issues are actually… very complicated and not as simple as our secondary school essay want it to be.

hating… the media. well, just another thing for me to hate about the world. reality is made up of lies, or at least, manipulations and exaggerations. wake up, people.

wanting… to learn chess. (wait… I haven’t even gotten down to studying war tactics and economics yet…)

grasping… the fact that there are so, so many people in the KLPJ area. (hello, traffic congestion~)

I just launched a new project this month, if you haven’t seen it, teleport through here~

Just A Minute In February

wanted to try something with my least favourite colours purple and green and oh, look how ugly it is. so why not just go all the way and make it as ugly as possible, right? also, Adobe CC 2019’s Freeform Gradient is really something huh. anyway the Mandarin words are from the lyrics of one of my current favourite songs. 阿就那樣啊,死不了. 🤷🏻‍♀️

it’s been a good month of catching up with people (*cues* dong dong qiang), especially friends who were back from overseas and are going back to school. had some epiphanies. the absurd concepts didn’t stop (at one point I thought that humans owning pet(s) is a really weird thing). otherwise, life is… so far so good.

learning… photo composition. back to the basics. realise I’m one who always chase after lights but never think through my composition properly. 😅

wanting… to study war tactics and economics. I love what my friends said to me a few months ago, “why bother going back to school when you can learn these stuffs on your own? by reading?”

starting… to see myself as scary hahahaha. despite saying a lot online, I’m usually a quiet person. on top of that, I have a resting bitch face. so people are always saying, “hmm why don’t you talk???” then, I started to notice myself in the mirror and realise that wow, there really could be a thousand odd thoughts running through my head and all I show is my usual resting bitch face. you know, mama said, if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all. which is why I’m always quiet. it’s not that I don’t have much to say, it’s that they’re… argh you won’t want to listen, trust me.

feeling… 患得患失 (sorry I don’t think there’s a good way of putting this in English :\).

listening… to Jinji Kikko by Sunset Rollercoaster. thanks a lot for the CD, Haox!

realising… that I’ve always seen Barter System wrongly. and you know what wakes me up? thinking of why bribery works so perfectly.

thinking… if freewill is really “free” thanks to Bandersnatch (you know those parts when it doesn’t matter which option you choose, it leads to the same thing) and this song by Hello Nico.

hating… how the media inflate and manipulate stories. I know, it’s nothing new, I’ve studied it for four years. but nowadays it’s more like… I see the effects firsthand and I can’t help but feel like we’re merely a piece of chess who can’t see the entire big game and we’re being used so that the powerful stays powerful. which is why I started thinking if freewill is actually “free”.


(just trying. yep. you got it right. you didn’t read it wrong. there’s nothing after “trying…”)

Just A Minute In January

not sure since when people started telling people that good visuals stick to only a couple or sometimes just three typefaces. and then now, finally, there are people coming out to say “oh, fuck that, lemme prove you wrong.” making this reminded me of the times when I was in secondary school. I used to write the same word over and over again in Photoshop and apply different typefaces to each word. can’t really say I like this. after all, I’m not one who has finished learning the rule. so I guess it’s not the time for me to break any yet. but boy, I’d love to see more experienced people come out to say, “fuck that, lemme prove you wrong.”

you know how it goes… January always feels like the longest month.

watching… Healer (still good even it’s my second watch after four years, to the Top 2 KDramas you go~), Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (can’t believe I actually watch this) and some Thai flicks: Back to the 90s and Bangkok Traffic Love Story.

thinking… about a lot of things. like the diffusion of innovation graph. or like why, on one hand, the unemployment rate is high, yet on the other, a lot of working class are working overtime? issit really as simple as the unemployed being unskilled enough to meet the job requirement? or are corporations exploiting the working class, paying only two people to finish a three-person task? what exactly is the point of longevity? seems to me that in the quest for longevity, we forgot to look at the social consequences. that’s just some examples. I have a lot more swirling in my head. and discussing these only makes me ask more questions.

striving… to strike that balance in all aspects of my life at the beginning of the month. but after some ruminating, I guess that’s what life is all about—wobbling on a tight rope. if you stop wobbling, it only means that you’re not moving forward.

getting… interested in reading interviews and biographies. I’m starting to love reading non-fiction more nowadays and I love meeting new people but are always to shy to approach them. so these are good to bridge the gap for me.

looking… at surface textures first, then wall tiles, fabrics somewhere in between there, then brutalist architectures. so, so much things to see!

loving… blazers.

listening… to a lot of movie soundtracks.

learning… that home is not a place, but the people around you and you never remember what someone did, instead you remember how they made you feel.