since a few months ago when PS150 opened, Wilson and I wanted to pay a visit. because... aye, the Old China theme. (for reference: see this post). it's located few doors next to Merchant Lane and disguised as 陈大黄 Toy Shop. you have to pass through a lot of doors to finally get to the bar area, "like those Hong Kong big boss underground place" (quote by Wilson). we sat after the first door where it's sorta like a train booth. anyway, Ma, don't worry, I don't drink so I only had a mocktail which tastes a lot like Signature from Oregi.

- special thanks to Wilson for the photos // editing by me -



150, Ground Floor,
Jalan Petaling,
50000 Kuala Lumpur

03-2022 2888

Tuesday - Saturday: 6PM - 2AM
Sunday: 3PM - 10PM
Monday: Closed




for some reason, after I read 1Q84, the Fuka Eri in my mind always wears a black long sleeves and a pair of jeans. I can't remember if she's mentioned wearing like this in the book or not, but Ruo Ling's Fuka Eri is like that.

anyway, took the opportunity to take these photos last November/December when the floor in my parent's room is done. anyway, just experimenting on layout, GIF, cinematograph and photo manipulation. like it?


a photo of me before I end this. heh.

- special thanks to 12 Cafe + Alibaba for lending me the furniture - 


EXPERIMENT: Multi Exposure


just me and Photoshop again.



haven’t played with double exposure for a while so I decided to put something together and poof!, I ended up stacking three layers instead of two. hence, multi exposure. not double. haha.

speaking of multi exposure, I came across this initially on 9GAG. they’re really alluring, go see for yourself.


EXPERIMENT: Percipitate


just some experimental slash impromptu GIFs I made while shooting some other stuffs. which one do you like best?