Just A Minute In September

and… I’m back to taking the artwork for the Just A Minute series a little more seriously. after watching the 1989 Batman, of course, it’s only right to do another one in noir style. the last one was this.

watching… Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I didn’t know I need a comedy like this in my life. I. am. hooked.

reading… The Story of Us by Tim Urban (yes, that guy with an ugly monkey drawing who gave a funny talk about procrastination on TED). if you want to know about the democratic system, think deep, can grasp concepts easily, I recommend you to read it.

playing… Nicky Case’s new game: Adventures with Anxiety. you play as the anxiety.

thinking… how everything that’s happening is a reaction to an action. as Newton puts it, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. this realisation brings me back to an art class I attended in uni. my lecturer noted that each art period is a reaction to the previous period. “why are you old men so sad? here, LET ME DRAW YOU SOME ANGELS AND PEOPLE DANCING WHILE LUNCHING.” BOOM, ROCOCO!

Just A Minute In August

hello there. just tryna keep this blog alive. :) oh yeah, yeah it still exists I just removed the link from my website and I’ll probably move it into a new home in the near future. then, the blog on my website will still remain but only solely focusing on my work and processes.

so, was supposed to create this LOUD design but 1. I couldn’t settle on the right typeface, and 2. I clicked on the warp tool… so now it’s just this horror + hippie oddball (I mean, tryna imagine some daisies on it, YOU GET WHAT I MEAN?).


reading… reaalllyyy old stuff that I saved from as long as… 2016? I am, after two long months (I mean, considering both months have 31 days, that’s long), still cleaning my shit. yeah, yeah, yeah I know. but mind you, I’m doing a thorough purge from my physical room to the virtual Facebook, so.

watching… Mindhunter. I rewatched the entire Season 1 again and hated myself for binging through it on my first watch. it is so good. but I don’t think most Malaysian viewers will get it. but my god, it is so good. (okay maybe not Season 2) please give it a try (if you’re looking for a different sort of crime series).

feeling… a little… melancholy?

playing… Dropdom on my phone. omg finally a simple game that really challenges me.

Just A Minute In June

wanting… to live in a mid-modern century home and play The Walters all day everyday.

listening… to Frank Sinatra and Justin Hurwitz again! man I think Hurwitz is my most played artist this year.

realising… that information holds value. a little too late.

learning… to be bored again. put down yer phone! and focus on… pooping! the best ideas come when I’m pooping. ain’t yours the same?

writing… a book? I don’t know. it happened at 3AM. and if it ever gets published, half the world’s population would be offended.

Just A Minute In May

loving… trains.

getting… detached from the world day by day. at least that’s what I felt. as to what it really is, I don’t know.

reading… The Hunger Games trilogy (god, it’s been seven years since I last and also first read them), Philosophy 101 and 《愿你从此,有我以后》.

watching… Stranger Things and a bunch of good films—Burning, The Favourite, Batman Trilogy, The Social Network, Shutter Island, Call Me By Your Name.

reminiscing… being sixteen.

growing… up.

Just A Minute In April

huehue. one April I did something “comic book” ish too. I’m loving it all the more after watching Into The Spiderverse and a breakdown of the film’s art. also what with Avengers and The Umbrella Academy, although I’ve never touched any Western comic books, I can’t deny that I like the style.

feeling… in awe of human’s ability / creation. amazing architectures, beautiful music, incredible inventions… (just pushing back the human destruction to the back of my mind.)

listening… to Final Fantasy, The Umbrella Academy and Sing Street’s soundtrack.

watching… Kim’s Convenience, Love, Death & Robots

thinking… “you get better.”

April certainly didn’t happen in a bang like the illustration but it’s quite eventful… relatively. the highlights: attended Distant Worlds and went to Hong Kong! also, I left my job. and that’s it.

Just A Minute In March

this month… loving noir (maybe cz I talked to Wilson recently and watched his school work 👍🏼) and getting interested in Rembrandt. that said, I’m studying chiaroscuro. other than that, I’ve been

growing… up. finally not just growing old.

wanting… to film myself sleeping? I know people say it’s silly when they heard about people who’ve done that before but… don’t you wonder what your body is up to when you’re sleeping? like hypnic jerks?

listening… to Justin Hurwitz and Primary. I just learnt that the soundtracks of First Man was done using this fascinating (electronic) instrument that one plays without touching it.

watching… Sex Education and The Umbrella Academy. I can’t wait for the second season of Sex Education!

realising… that a lot of issues are actually… very complicated and not as simple as our secondary school essay want it to be.

hating… the media. well, just another thing for me to hate about the world. reality is made up of lies, or at least, manipulations and exaggerations. wake up, people.

wanting… to learn chess. (wait… I haven’t even gotten down to studying war tactics and economics yet…)

grasping… the fact that there are so, so many people in the KLPJ area. (hello, traffic congestion~)

I just launched a new project this month, if you haven’t seen it, teleport through here~