How I Ended Up In The Police Station In The Middle Of The Night

"ahhhhhh~ Western Digital" was the last thing I said.

last year this day around 7 we're waiting for Michelle and Bernie to finish their Muay Thai class for dinner at Michael's Corner, which, till this day I still don't know where it is.

so, off we went. it's my first time driving this part of LDP. we passed by WD and went uphill at about 80kmph as the traffic was smooth. but what's waiting for me downhill was a sea of red lights. and I panicked when I saw that so I slammed the brake real heard to avoid crashing into Johnny's car (he's driving in front of me). what followed was a loud bang and my body being pushed forward to the steering wheel.

immediately after that, all of us (me, Joo Ning, Coan, Sherry) asked each other if anyon's hurt. I flashed my light for Johnny to stop and looked into my rear-view mirror to see the driver behind me. I thought, okay, a guy with specs about my age, I don't think he's scary. so we got down to take a look at the damage. we're shocked to see fellow driver's Honda hood kemek while my Myvi's bumper's crushed only a little.

guy's shaking and I guess he's too nervous to talk (wasn't my first car accident) so I asked his friend whether they're college students. we went on to ask each other which school were we from just like a casual conversation.

the conversation came to taking down phone numbers and personal particulars (why does this sound like a blind date lol) and taking photos of our cars so the friend passed the conversation to the driver. it's like the first time I crashed into someone else's car except that this time it's my car that's being hit. his hands were shaking so hard when he keyed my number that I'd to take his phone over and do it myself. he told us that he lives nearby and had contacted his parents.

so all of us kinda suggested that we moved out of the highway into a residential area while waiting for his family and here's where the really scary part comes.

but before that... while in our car we jokes that they're actually rushing back to watch the final episode of Line Walker (...remember the once popular drama 使徒行者?) hahaha.

after pulling over, we once again got down from our car to talk about insurance. then, a group of about five men came over to offer towing service. these guys kept pestering us even after we told them we're covered and we didn't need any services from them.

the driver's family arrived shortly and when his mom saw the damages, she jokingly told me that she should've just bought a Myvi for his son instead of a Honda, what with his damage worse than mine.

after what seemed like a long time, with the group of people still pestering us, we fainlly settled on a time and spot for their towing guy to come. just when we're about to leave, these guys became angry and acted really rude to the driver's father just because we refused to accept their "help". they went on to say that they've waited for an hour and finally we decided to not accept their "offer". uhm, hello???

anyway, knowing that we hadn't had our dinner yet, his dad's considerate to ask the towing guy to meet us at a mamak (the one with the tall roti tissue) because he couldn't come until 11PM. we finally had our dinner at 10PM while we waited for Jia Yi to send Bernie, Michelle, Coan and Joo Ning back home/dorm. kudos to Jia Yi for coming pick them up right away after a phone call!

after our friends left and the car was towed, Sherry and Johnny accompanied me to Petaling Jaya police station to file a report. it's almost 12am. we arrived at a two-storey wooden building (like post-WWII era building) with sign saying "Balai Polis Petaling Jaya" but the gate's closed. so we opened it and went in. there's an office table after the entrance into the building but no one's there. I felt like we're protagonists in a horror film. a faint TV sound coming from the other side of the corridor made everything more eerie. just like in movies - a "vacant" house, a lonely office table, followed by a dark corridor and a dark room at the end, only with the light of an old television set glowing and the silhouette of a sofa...

someone appeared from the room after two or three hellos and excuse-mes to ask what were we doing in someone's house in the middle of the night. turned out that used to be the balai. whoops.

we'd to walk past some police quarters and parking spaces to the police station. standard procedure - give your IC and wait for your turn. in the room together with us was a group of 25-ish people with two guys wearing the same T-shit (think it's Batman, whoach, I can still remember). from their conversation, it turned out that they're celebrating a friend's birthday. and boy was I worried when we overheard the girl reporting to the policeman because I hand't spoken BM for ten months. apparently, my worry was a waste because the driver had already reported before me so the policeman only needed to change his statement to my POV.

after that, we went to another waiting room for another officer to take down my particulars. it's the driver's turn and while his father's waiting for him, he chatted with us. pretty awkward tho. then, it's my turn, or I thought so. I went in was tendang balik. okay, okay.

I think the man before me was in quite a terrible accident (judging everyone since our first step in the police station hahaha) because he and his lover's faces were really awful and he couldn't find his IC when it's in his breast pocket. we waited for a long time until it's my turn. I was relieved because it's finally my turn and when we're done we could go home. but no. I sat there waiting for the officer to discuss what he should order for Hari Raya Haji. satay, ketupat, with kuah, or without kuah? honestly, I was tired and fed up but nothing I could do so I sat there watching a documentary about a new kind of drug for about ten minutes and observed the officer's table.

there're a few red toy cars and I wonder what are those for. so that people can better explain the situation? anyway, what he did after settling his Hari Raya Haji preparation was take my IC and license, wrote down a few stuff and let me go. that's all. that's all.

before leaving the station, they took a photo of my damage and then we went home. it's about 1AM by then. as I drove on Federal Highway in the late night and the street lights, I couldn't help but feel relieved because things could've been worse.

the accident affected me much. for a while, I couldn't drive more than 90kmph and I felt pressured when a vehicle is following near to me and I panicked when I see red lights from the car in front of me. most importantly, it becomes a constant reminder that life is precious. it reminds me to appreciate those who love me and those I love.

you can't predict when things like this'll happen and you can't tell if you're gonna lose someone important. so, drive safe. someone's waiting you back home. :)