MISC: Camera Bags


hey there. I promised to blog about my nifty fifty and oh, wow, that's something I said 2 months ago. anyway, it's better late than never rite? so here you go, a post about my new gear and some other related babes. :)


got this two babes at Taobao. it's not cheap but Im not gonna change them for three, maybe five years. let's see how long these last. yea it's obvious that the backpack is for travelling while the sling is for occasions. the sling can also be used as normal bag, win!


when I finally got my parcels I was so excited I had to try it out. it looks a bit small but I managed to squeeze everything in. I sent this pic to Ming and she replied "you forced them in, rite?"

haha. okay, I sort of. but I was looking for the perfect way to put them so it's easy to take them out or put them in.


now say hi to the new babe! I was pretty excited when I knew the numbers can turn by itself. lol, silly me. anyway, I've eyed the 50mm for quite some time but I made a goal to save an amount before getting it. ok and now while typing this I realized I haven't paid back my debt. haha. I will usually ask my dad when it comes to this type of things, gadgets, etc. we decided to go to Lowyat 'cause Baby Nick needed a repair too. I wanted the f1.8 at first, but they didn't have the G so there's no choice but to get the f1.4. dad wanted a wide angle 'cause the price was close but I dont like landscape plus I heard that a zoom and a 50 are enough. so yea, we ended up getting this. all in all we spent 2100+ getting a lens, 2 uv filters and repairing Baby Nick.


some shoots I got this morning. weather was bad, not much natural light brffff. anyway, yayzers to big aperture!


I can finally have a decent "cameras-and-gears-organized-neatly" photo! haha. btw, after I finally upgraded all my cam stuffs right, tripod decided to malfunction. which means another trip to Lowyat wtf. I checked out the price there with Sum few days back and I think Im investing in a better one and maybe buy a controller. but they'll need to wait. Im out of money right now hmfff. have a great day!