PHOTO DIARY: Breaking News


sadly... nope, I didn't got pregnant (no news is good news) nor did I get a film deal (no news is sometimes sad news).

nope, it's just the name for our multi-cam "live" production for school. a fun-filled, laughter-filled, scream-filled (I'm looking at you Thinesh) 8 weeks of hard work and teamwork. thankfully we managed to pull it off, and made it one week before the due date! the best part of each week's practical for me is everyone laughing at those stupid punchlines in the control room. and the worst part of it? after all of this ended, even before it ended, we would sometimes randomly start reciting the lines from the script - while waiting for the lift or while we're stuck in the jam.

it's "live" because we actually got to rehearse for 7 weeks HAHA and picked the best shot for submission. (inserts black moon emoji here). I think the pictures are enough to speak for me, I mean there're like, 18000 words there 'cause there're 18 pictures (HAH). anyway, what I wanted to say is, I guess it's great to have this experience - working with a team of cooperative people who know their shit - before I leave university.