THAILAND: Bangkok, 2016

shortly after we landed. taken on the Airport Rail Link.

sunset at JJ Green Market.

slimy thing at the Taling Chan Floating Market.

first time on a Tuk Tuk after visiting Thailand for 4 times. the sun was too hot we had to take one!

family time. she wants to learn how to spin that thing. 

alley we passed by from the pier to Chinatown. very local.

Bangkok traffic. 

it rained on our last night so I went out of our hostel to take this. am I the only one thinks that rain makes a city more photogenic? and I had to steal the signboard of the cafe at the corner as my makeshift tripod. in the middle of the night. haha.


fourth time in Thailand, third time travelling abroad with friends, second time in Bangkok.

I've been anticipating this trip since we booked our tickets early this year. I can't wait to taste cheap and delicious street food, see the friendly locals, revisit old favourite spots and explore this city again.

we had only 3 full days there so basically they were split into D1 - shopping, D2 - sightseeing, D3 - Siam area. I haven't planned for a trip for a long time, the last one being Taiwan which was 3 years ago.

some memories I won't forget: fun ones like lugging two big recycle bags from Big C to the station and then all the way back to our hostel, not-so-fun ones like being mistaken as Thais and Chinese Chinese (get it?), getting our Betagen and Meiji Chocolate Milk at 7-E, going to massage twice, constantly having to confirm whether the price is for a piece or wholesale, getting lost and detoured a whole other block, not being able to feel our legs anymore from all the shopping, Joey miraculously reading Thai from our receipts, realizing that the taxi driver overcharged us and feeling relieved when karma hits him because he took us to the wrong destination., missing our number twice at After You and always confuse at which exit to take at a station.

there were many firsts for me, like taking a Tuk Tuk! it's my first time travelling duo. people ask isn't Bangkok too dangerous for two girls? I think it's quite safe though. the usual - keep an eye on your valuables and always be observant of your surrounding. also, first time staying at a hostel and going the local way by taking the boat taxi.  the whole experience is pretty thrilling. a training before going solo perhaps?

I'll be posting a Bangkok Guide soon since I've already been here twice and it's one of my favourite place. you guys should go so stay tuned!