D&C: Accidentally Cutting A Lob

after several months, I finally got the courage and the strength to drag my butt out to have the hair cut that I’ve been talking about for some time. among all other things my sister is envious of me (being the youngest sibling…), my hair is one of them. the reason being that they’re so much thicker than hers and they grow faster than hers. being a lazy bum, I didn’t have any plans curling/dyeing/straightening my hair or any other plans involving dolling up myself really, which explains why I always go for the hairstyle that needs the lowest maintenance possible.

apart from that, going to the hairstylist to me is as daunting as going to the dentist. I’m always scared that the hairstylist’ll do weird things to my hair and I end up having to mock people a lot to boost my self-esteem. that’s why my hair is hella long when I went to the saloon.

so I thought why not donate my hair to be turned into a wig for cancer patients? I’ve always wanted to help them but really, my brain and chemistry just don’t seem to have that chemistry and I don’t think I can be a social worker or people of that sort considering that I only say around two nice things on average per day (the rest are pretty nasty you don’t wanna listen to them). so I hope my hair can help them through their chemotherapy~

and… that’s how I accidentally got a long bob a.k.a. lob.

if you’re interested, here’s the website, just follow the instructions. the requirements are:

  • 8-inches long of hair, freshly washed and completely dry

  • without any styling products

  • may be coloured with vegetable dyes, rinses and semi-permanent dyes

  • not be bleached, permanently coloured or chemically treated

  • and not be more than 5% grey.

if you prefer to send it out yourself like I did, just send them to any saloons listed on the website~