I Go To Seek A Great Perhaps

although, the “Great Perhaps” here is not Alaska Young, nor inner peace. more like, a quench for my never-ending curiosity.

taken at Death Valley National Park, California | image courtesy: Xiet Yang

hi, I’m well alive and back! back home as well as the virtual world~ just a quick update before anything else, since I skipped two months of Just A Minute posts.

so I wrapped up four months of adventure in the States and officially graduated from university after ten months of actually completing my studies. hmm, feels kinda funny that these two different things are somehow parallel.

anyway. lemme take back my words. this is more like a gratitude list than an update. here it goes:

none of these would have happened without my family’s continuous care and love. thanks for letting me pursue whatever I want, off the beaten path from the family, even though you all only have vague ideas of what I’m doing. and watching my back throughout the journey and giving me support whenever I went “arhghheughhhhrghh how do I do this urghhhhhh hurr hurr hurrrrrrrr?” also, your strong cardiac muscles that took in all the bomb news I delivered. kudos. <3

to my B311 housemates, guess who mastered the skill of killing cockroaches and actually dump the dead bodies away now? I guess it’s too late. anyway, I miss seeing your faces in the living room, hiding behind the screens, entahlah procrastinating or actually doing proper work, especially during assignment tsunami period. unexpected 3am unhealthy conversations are always nice and welcomed. ARE.

Room 136, girls I usually shared work rants with, because we saw each other every night for about a hundred nights. it’s not like I had a choice, you know. :P the girls I grew up sharing rooms with don’t really doll up much. so I remember that particular night when we were getting ready for a night out. thanks for the exciting memories.

fellow coursemates, it’s fun attending classes with you all. although most of the time we were either late, absent or distracted. it’s moments like Kahoot sessions and “live” TV show that took things up a notch. there’s no one at home or at high school to discuss films and music that ain’t current or popular with, so I’m glad to have met people with similar interests.

to lecturers, although I complain a lot, there are classes that I truly enjoyed and learnt a lot from. I look up and respect some of you. without any of you, I’ll only have zero clues about film or advertising and my passion probably died three years ago.

co-workers and people from the park and village, thanks for making ten-thousand miles away from home, home. it’s always good to see familiar faces at the park or in the kitchen. eternally grateful for the food you guys gave to this girl who can’t make decent meal to save her own ass.

it’s crazy to think that I actually spend time with many girls but it seems like I do have a close-knitted group of girl friends. we watched each other turn from teenage girls to young ladies. glad to have you girls as I navigate this maze called “adulthood”. also, for answering my random, odd questions and listening to my out-of-nowhere rants.

also, to all the loose friends who don’t belong to any particular clique, don’t feel bad. instead, feel special because it’s all the more harder to keep it going. each and every one of you is different and they make up the small, different part of these journeys. cheers~

strangers, new friends, staff, Uber drivers, and AirBnb hosts - seemingly insignificant yet they play a role too. especially when I was travelling solo in the States. I’m extremely lucky that even the worst thing that happen during that twenty-six days isn’t that bad afterall.

honorable mention: thanks, Johnny, for keeping me safe from far, far away during my time in US. more like, I kept bugging him with my current location and the names of the people I hung out with because he’s the one person who is usually awake at ungodly hours. also thanks to Sherry, for sometimes keeping me safe, but most importantly, for understanding where my frustration and annoyance come from. these two never fail to wipe my ass since I got into a car accident in 2014.

and lastly, to Toru. we’ve known each other 77% of my entire life and that percentage can only grow. what am I gonna do without you? go back to squatting on dining chair tryna solve maths problems like I was four, before I met you? XD

and… I guess that’s it.

much love,
Ruo Ling