Just A Minute In November

have always wanted to try my hands on art deco style but didn’t really have the time to properly figure out how to do it until now… love it even though it’s very simple. anyway, this month I’ve been

developing | this finger-tapping-on-my-steering-wheel-to-the-beat-of-the-music thing. post road trip syndrome I guess…

learning | to strike a balance between work and hobby - which means saying goodnight to work when it’s time to and to have things to do purely just for pleasure, no need for goals, no need for deadlines, etc.

loving | bossa novas after listening to this and this (good Indon song!). you know, back about five years ago all cafes ever played was bossa novas and they all started to sound the same to me. thankfully now they’ve moved on to this lo-fi thing so I’m in love with bossa novas again.

watching | La Casa de Papel a.k.a. Money Heist. best. series. I’ve. watched. thus. far. a plot that’s meticulously planned as the heist itself.

reading | One Day by David Nicholls.

my parents were out of town for more than a week and truth be told, by day three that they’re gone the house was starting to feel like a mansion to me… thankfully they’re back now! <3 met up with old friends from university and secondary school. and, finally, I’m settled down for something long-term after two months being home. :D

Just A Minute In October

gonna be upfront and say this is a copy. somehow these block gradients kept creeping into my mind earlier this month but if look it up on Pinterest and you can see many pretty block gradients there. only that I wanted one with colours that I like so I redo myself. :P also… I bought myself a gradient puzzle. <3

anyway, just wanted to share a quick update before I dive into writing long posts in the upcoming few months. so what happened is that I got sick after a nap on my flight home (talk about good timing) and on top of the jet lag, all the catch-ups were pushed forward… and now I’m swamped.

dreaming | of a pair of ankle boots. just wishful thinking. what the hell am I gonna do with them in this tropical heat?

listening | to Dancing by Mellow Fellow (the more I listen to it, the sadder everything becomes) and Coldplay’s Shiver (hands down best Coldplay song).

feeling | a little bit blue. not the post-travel kinda blue. more like I’ve been observing time and they make me feel blue??? shit what am I talking.

thinking | about death. no, wait, calm down. I’m not suicidal. instead, I’m processing the fact that death is a part of life and the last part of life in this world and thinking about people embracing it during their last breaths.

catching | up with a few movies - Along With The Gods: The Last 49 Days, Searching (one-of-its-kind presentation method and several plot twists), Loving Vincent (I’ve never cried in a cinema for so much and so long before - all the way till the credits ended. his story is moving).

watching | Kim’s Convenience and people. also, I’ve been meeting old and new friends and watching how they go about everyday is pretty new to me. .___. you know they say you can either learn from books, experiences or people… I wasn’t that learn-from-people kinda people.

reading… Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.

I’m back to my bed at home… and I’m back to insomnia. and I’m back to dreaming after four months of nothing.

Just A Minute In July

is it just my workplace or what? seems like most of the kitchen equipment uses vintage typography. also, still inspired by the hot summer here! I really wanted to add sun rays but after a couple of hours trying I decided it's too ugly so here's a lazy one. haha.

missing | home. like how familiar each turn and traffic light is. having to figure things out every day is so mentally taxing.

finding | these 90s camcorder zoom-in shots interesting. I'm starting to develop a weird love for them.

watching | movies set in Paris - The Dreamers (again!) and Amelie Poulain. I really want to continue by watching Ratatouille again but I don't have it with me. :(

feeling | a little bit frustrating that I don't really have time for any creative output or experiments. I don't even have time to digest stuff to begin with. information overload. /.\

there's nothing much to update really. working takes up pretty much of my time. otherwise I'm either shopping, sleeping, watching movies or planning for my trip. also, I realize I'm a huge bookworm (or screenworm) 'cause on my off day I can really just stay on my bed reading through my feed the entire day.



Josh Carmody's clamp system turns material samples into tables
John Dykstra's surreal photography without Photoshop

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