ong lai!

the two brothers

a quiet moment at the busy market

some snaps from earlier this week when Ryan, Ronson (check out their page yo) and I went out to shoot in the morning after knowing that our parents’ share the same hometown—Sekinchan and that we’re back for the Lunar New Year.

I like going to wet markets whenever I’m at a different place because it’s always lively and buzzing. not to mention that they’re always same same but different from one another. ironically, I never go to the wet market at my town. XD it’s nice going to one again and the light that morning was perfect. <3

then, in the evening we went to the beach to shoot more… which I have yet to edit. >< it was enjoyable albeit a little stressed shooting with two professionals. haha~ till next time!

Just A Minute In January

not sure since when people started telling people that good visuals stick to only a couple or sometimes just three typefaces. and then now, finally, there are people coming out to say “oh, fuck that, lemme prove you wrong.” making this reminded me of the times when I was in secondary school. I used to write the same word over and over again in Photoshop and apply different typefaces to each word. can’t really say I like this. after all, I’m not one who has finished learning the rule. so I guess it’s not the time for me to break any yet. but boy, I’d love to see more experienced people come out to say, “fuck that, lemme prove you wrong.”

you know how it goes… January always feels like the longest month.

watching… Healer (still good even it’s my second watch after four years, to the Top 2 KDramas you go~), Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (can’t believe I actually watch this) and some Thai flicks: Back to the 90s and Bangkok Traffic Love Story.

thinking… about a lot of things. like the diffusion of innovation graph. or like why, on one hand, the unemployment rate is high, yet on the other, a lot of working class are working overtime? issit really as simple as the unemployed being unskilled enough to meet the job requirement? or are corporations exploiting the working class, paying only two people to finish a three-person task? what exactly is the point of longevity? seems to me that in the quest for longevity, we forgot to look at the social consequences. that’s just some examples. I have a lot more swirling in my head. and discussing these only makes me ask more questions.

striving… to strike that balance in all aspects of my life at the beginning of the month. but after some ruminating, I guess that’s what life is all about—wobbling on a tight rope. if you stop wobbling, it only means that you’re not moving forward.

getting… interested in reading interviews and biographies. I’m starting to love reading non-fiction more nowadays and I love meeting new people but are always to shy to approach them. so these are good to bridge the gap for me.

looking… at surface textures first, then wall tiles, fabrics somewhere in between there, then brutalist architectures. so, so much things to see!

loving… blazers.

listening… to a lot of movie soundtracks.

learning… that home is not a place, but the people around you and you never remember what someone did, instead you remember how they made you feel.

2018 : A Recap

feels a bit funny to write about this when I just wrapped up 2017 two months ago. haha. 2018 wasn’t any calmer than 2017 in terms of what happened but one thing for sure, I’m a much less turbulent person. is it me getting old and things are starting to settle down? I can tell that I’m gonna be generally the same person in the next two years or so. anyway, I can finally ditch that “this year felt like a roller coaster to me” saying. I don’t even need a week to write a recap. two afternoon sittings mixed with a little Tetris Battle did the job. honestly, 2018 went by at a lightning speed. I guess it’s difficult to feel time pass when for three months, you wake up to do the same thing every day. and boy, that’s a quarter of a year gone.

okay. so where do I begin? well, I guess I unexpectedly took a gap year before starting the real daily grind. it was a risky one without any plans ahead except for the work and travel program.

I worked seven different jobs throughout the year, for as short as four days and as long as three months. before you form the negative perception of an inconsistent person who can’t stay in a job… I went from styling food to selling food, from offering transportation services to writing about transportation, from clocking in at 9 and leaving at 6 to burning consecutive midnight oil and having flexible hours the rest of the week. my experiences spanned at least five different industries. let’s just say it’s a fruitful year of trying different work styles and learning from different sifus that probably beat sitting in an office doing the same job fifty-two weeks a year.

that said, 2018 was a year blessed with a strong sense of clarity because after a bumpy 2017 and what with all these jobs, I’m very, very sure what I’m after and what I dislike… to the point that most of the time when I talk to my friend about making a tough decision I just say, “please just say this to me, (inserts script), it’s what I need to hear to make me go from 99% sure to 100% of my decision.”

nevertheless, it’s foolish to say that nothing has changed. growing up means growing distanced from everyone. playing video games changed how I tackle life and make decisions. having a regularly paid job taught me how to handle my finance. doing things that I never thought of doing showed me my capabilities. living in a foreign place made me appreciate the comforts of home.

anyway… some highlights from the year:

Child’s Play

my baby this year!

complete series / BTS


Outside In

I’m expanding this series this year. so watch out the space!

complete series



follow the story

I already have a lot in store for the new year. in 2019, I only hope that whatever people say or do, or whatever I say or do, poke, challenge, question, contemplate, ask why, ask how.

stay hungry. stay foolish.


as always, the year’s best discoveries:


Mellow Fellow
Florence + The Machine
First Man OST
Shape of Water OST
黑色柳丁 by David Tao
Never Enough by Lorren Allred
New Light by John Mayer
Tapestry by Kurosuke


La Casa de Papel a.k.a. Money Heist
Stranger Things


Lady Bird
Loving Vincent
The Terminal
Catch Me If You Can
Apple Homepod ad
RM10 (well, it’s a 2016 short but it’s only been released to public this year)


Hokk Fabrica

Just A Minute In November

have always wanted to try my hands on art deco style but didn’t really have the time to properly figure out how to do it until now… love it even though it’s very simple. anyway, this month I’ve been

developing | this finger-tapping-on-my-steering-wheel-to-the-beat-of-the-music thing. post road trip syndrome I guess…

learning | to strike a balance between work and hobby - which means saying goodnight to work when it’s time to and to have things to do purely just for pleasure, no need for goals, no need for deadlines, etc.

loving | bossa novas after listening to this and this (good Indon song!). you know, back about five years ago all cafes ever played was bossa novas and they all started to sound the same to me. thankfully now they’ve moved on to this lo-fi thing so I’m in love with bossa novas again.

watching | La Casa de Papel a.k.a. Money Heist. best. series. I’ve. watched. thus. far. a plot that’s meticulously planned as the heist itself.

reading | One Day by David Nicholls.

my parents were out of town for more than a week and truth be told, by day three that they’re gone the house was starting to feel like a mansion to me… thankfully they’re back now! <3 met up with old friends from university and secondary school. and, finally, I’m settled down for something long-term after two months being home. :D

PHOTO DIARY: Asian Party

that night and many nights after.

Asian party 2018 | A Beautiful Distraction by Ruo Ling Lu

the thing is, other than catching the bus in the morning and on our days off, I don’t think we actually see much of the village in the sunlight.

not trying to be racist or anything, but really, all of us who were there that night were Asians - fact. always stick to the fact, kids. that one night when most of us didn’t need to work the next day - thanks to the Washington trip - the Thais, the twenty-one of them organized a cookout and we were unexpectedly invited over. now, I don’t remember much from that night, except a lot of awfully mixed alcoholic drinks and comparing which one was better, trying to learn each other’s languages - only the good words, not the profanity… I swear (haha #punintended) and childhood games that all of us know, despite the fact that we grew up in different countries.

after that, there were many nights spent at the corridors outside of either #136 or #118, shitting about our work and talking about whatever happened in the park that day - like a supervisor walking to Target buying burger buns because the park ran out of them (really? the way park is run… =.=). funnily, what exactly they’re mostly about, I can’t tell now.

and then there was a night in the kitchen teaching Polish and Czech Republic friends how to use the chopsticks. there was another night where we cooked for Khai’s birthday, and by the time “dinner” was ready, her birthday had already passed. and there was this night that finally it’s the Malaysians turn to cook for the Thais. so we ate bak kut teh at the basketball court. there’s also this one night, we carried a six-pack and walked all the way back from 7-Eleven, joking that it was nothing after pushing carts and carrying turkey legs for months.

and then there was the night shortly before Nok left. the idea was to hangout and listen to our favourite music, but she came to me with Kris’s leftover bed sheet that wasn’t returned and we lay on the wet grass (no, nope, the sheets ain’t helping) talking about life instead of living and talking about catching Arctic Monkey’s concert together in the future. we bought each other drinks and we laughed because… we bought the same thing for each other. XD we listened to Alexandra Savior’s song and watched the night sky and made our wishes when we caught a “falling star” flashing by. it was so chilly that at one point, I went back to my room to change into my sweatpants. when we could no longer keep our eyes open, even though we barely finished our drinks, we said goodnight and went back to our rooms to sleep. I could never stand the cold and I hated that I had grass and dew on my pants but after all it was well worth it.

even then, I always find it somehow amusing, that on this dot somewhere on the map, I once did all these.

Just A Minute In October

gonna be upfront and say this is a copy. somehow these block gradients kept creeping into my mind earlier this month but if look it up on Pinterest and you can see many pretty block gradients there. only that I wanted one with colours that I like so I redo myself. :P also… I bought myself a gradient puzzle. <3

anyway, just wanted to share a quick update before I dive into writing long posts in the upcoming few months. so what happened is that I got sick after a nap on my flight home (talk about good timing) and on top of the jet lag, all the catch-ups were pushed forward… and now I’m swamped.

dreaming | of a pair of ankle boots. just wishful thinking. what the hell am I gonna do with them in this tropical heat?

listening | to Dancing by Mellow Fellow (the more I listen to it, the sadder everything becomes) and Coldplay’s Shiver (hands down best Coldplay song).

feeling | a little bit blue. not the post-travel kinda blue. more like I’ve been observing time and they make me feel blue??? shit what am I talking.

thinking | about death. no, wait, calm down. I’m not suicidal. instead, I’m processing the fact that death is a part of life and the last part of life in this world and thinking about people embracing it during their last breaths.

catching | up with a few movies - Along With The Gods: The Last 49 Days, Searching (one-of-its-kind presentation method and several plot twists), Loving Vincent (I’ve never cried in a cinema for so much and so long before - all the way till the credits ended. his story is moving).

watching | Kim’s Convenience and people. also, I’ve been meeting old and new friends and watching how they go about everyday is pretty new to me. .___. you know they say you can either learn from books, experiences or people… I wasn’t that learn-from-people kinda people.

reading… Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.

I’m back to my bed at home… and I’m back to insomnia. and I’m back to dreaming after four months of nothing.