52: 21



Red String of Fate. do you believe in this? “according to this myth, the gods tie a red cord around the ankles of those that are to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way.” — Wikipedia

tbh I kinda believe in stuffs like this. myths, Fengshui, Yin & Yang. but I dont believe in the stuffs people say ’bout it. get what I mean? like yup, there’s this invisible energy around us, aura, whatever, but buying some crystals or bracelets whatsoever wont change it it’s just some business strategies. anyway, according to Chinese, the strings are tied around the ankles but in Japanese culture, it’s tied around the little finger. I did both HAHAHA lifeless.


running around in a maxi plus a thread around your ankle is NO FUN AT ALL OK. there’re times I nearly fell backwards ’cause I ter-step them. also, trying to squeeze yourself into a frame is oh-my-god-hard. I think I broke my spine attempting this.


spot that white hair.


the first thought of this shoot is the JDrama Akai Ito. one drama that I never finished (alright I barely even started it I watched only one ep). and then halfway through the shoot my brain went “hey, remember another JDrama Last Friends? yea you sucks at watching drama man you watched only two eps. ” side note: I watched The Heirs before cny and am stucked at ep fourteen right now I really dont have the energy to continue watching it you know I even fantasize it as some sort of high school horror drama. the only reason I would continue watching it is Im Joo Eun. true beauty.


tutorial: how to set up cam from overhead angle. stuffs you’ll need: bookcase, pillow, some thick books and a string. I'm better than the guy who set it up on a hotel’s a/c ok.