at the beginning of the year, I decided to write something I'm grateful for each week. very ambitious considering I'm not a routine person. I succeeded (almost) for the first half of the year but as time passes, I realize that this thing is... nah, I'm not gonna lie. I procrastinated. plus, the list is getting repetitive - my family, my friends, food in the fridge, roof on my head, a bed to sleep, etc. so at some point I told myself I'm not doing this anymore. I gave up. yes, I GAVE UP. I still feel grateful though, I just didn't log it anymore. 

heck I thought I couldn't even find my draft anymore. but after several edits it still looks messy so I decided not to post it. so here's a 2016 recap instead. 


travelling with a phone that's barely functioning (lousy camera, no SIM card, always at the verge of dying with the extreme weather, difficult to connect to social media within the Great Firewall of China…) makes you think a lot. so I spent the journey reflecting on the past year. and here is the result from all of the contemplation. read on my messiest post so far...

it's so cliche to put it this way, but I’m doing it anyway: 2016 felt like a roller-coaster ride. before I can enjoy the view on top, I’m going downwards. and just when I thought that it’s gonna keep going a certain way, it takes another sharp turn.

I don’t remember making any new-year resolutions or setting any goals this year. all I wanted is to just go with the flow. okay, c’mon let’s be honest, I’m just lost. ._____.

nonetheless, one thing for sure is this: I came down a different person as I went up.


Say More No

I thought last year’s lesson is “say more yes, say more no” but it’s only the first half. I didn’t really learn how to say no this year, but I said no a lot - to experiences I’m genuinely uncomfortable with, to people who get on my nerves (C Class players… I still have a little tolerance and patience for B Class players), and to things that I dislike (mushrooms, ew). I still say yes to many things that scare me or I hate (hello, sunny side-up), but one thing I always make sure is that it’s something that I can still handle.


Go Up and Down (literally)

you know the siblings scoreboard? the one for committing badassery? I’m one up my sisters because yours, truly, has, gone, diving! that’s going down. you can read the experience here~

as for going up, the highest I’ve been this year (reckon that’ll be my entire life) is Shangrila, which is 3000M above sea level. it felt like your crush is looking at you the entire time because just walking a few steps or making some movements or anything really make your heart race.

wait... how much did I spent buying air this year?


MALAYSIA: Pulau Tioman, 2016


Trips Trips Trips

the only trip that I had actually plan for (by plan it means giving myself a notice three months beforehand XD) was Bangkok. it was quite spontaneous though, thinking back. we arrived for a gathering earlier than the others and just so happened to talk about Bangkok and a few days later we were already booking our air tickets. kudos to super-ons buddy!

then in July I went to Tioman Island with my uni-mates before Yi Hsien flew to America and then, a few days later, to Ipoh with my family.

fast forward a few months. we braved the dirty and stinky toilet in China for eight days together with a group of nice and outgoing people. the weather was brrrrr but Lijiang is finally checked from my bucket list! (will post about that soon!)

in the middle of my finals, I went onto the most impromptu trip to Penang for the Canon Photo Marathon and walked around areas and shops and alleys that I would not have walked if I were there as a tourist until my legs were almost jellied... (will post about this soon also!)


THAILAND: Bangkok, 2016


CHINA: Yunnan, 2016


Didn’t Read A Lot, But Read A Lot

I didn’t read a lot of books. no, more like I didn’t finish a lot of books. I actually read a lot compared to the past few years, they're just not books/fictions. 

anyway, here are some of the books/zines/online mags/website/stuffs I read and like, in no particular order:

Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami
he Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
The Art of Pixar (any of The Art of Pixar is good!)
Thinking of Answer by A. C. Grayling
No Film School
Juxtapoz Magazine
FLiPER [mandarin]
Photoblog.hk [mandarin]
C’est si bon 小日子 [mandarin]
Shopping Design (website) [mandarin]
Harry Potter head cannons and fan theories (I recently just got into this black hole known as Pinterest :P)



first time brushing my teeth in a public toilet? checked (don’t ask). first time lugging an instrument onto a plane? checked. first shooting gig? checked. first snow experience. CHECKED! and the list goes on and on...


Sleep Problems

I used to sleep almost 10 to 12 hours in high school (:O I know) but I'm having trouble sleeping since I started uni and it's gotten worse this year. and it's becoming normal when my friends see that I'm online at 1AM. D: gimme back my sleep!



music saves the soul. I'm not going further into this. you'll find out yourself someday. or maybe you already did. ;)

some amazing musicians/bands/music I discovered this year, in no particular order:

Hello Nico
Mary See The Future
The Little Prince OST
笑忘书 (I was too young when this song came out)
Where Are You - W OST
夜幕天星 by C AllStar
U by Primary ft. Kwon Jinah and Rap Monster
Frank Sinatra (don't judge)

I hope you don't mind the long messy post and I wish you a great 2017 filled with joy, happiness and countless adventures!

now imagine a photo of a potato here (or you can just imagine me, it's the same, really)