52: 18



sorry for the hiatus. something really bad happened. our phone line uhm, became someone else’s line so there’s no WiFi for three days. that was the third time. which is ridiculous. and when they were asked to restore the line they gave the excuse that their technicians are off for weekends. which is like ridiculous combo. hello which freaking service business got off day wan?

and. we actually had a cooking session at Dino’s house two days ago. I brought Baby Nick. but oh dear, I forgot the memory card. zzz.

anyway. there’s a really happy news I’ve got. Xin Li done her 52 project. which is wow. all her photos are uh-ma-zing. I planned to stop this during SPM but oh, I just knew that many people’s projects didn’t end at the time they’re supposed to. so yea, although I sucks.


recently I’ve been looping Birdy’s Wings and the last line wouldn’t get out of my head. I was thinking of making fake wings but oh, I sucks at arts and crafts so let’s forget ’bout it. let’s use paper cranes instead.

I was half packing my room and preparing for my trip when I shoot these. guess what. my room’s still a mess right now.


hardest part of this shoot? it’s not setting up the cam. it’s putting the cranes on my back. it’s really hard when you see your reflection instead of the real thing. when I was supposed to put left I put right. when I was supposed to put right I put left. ugh. btw, you wouldnt want to know where I set up my cam but Im gonna say anyway. I set it up on the toilet bowl. yes, toilet bowl, in the toilet. this was taken from the toilet. hahahahahaha.



I still think this photo goes with the caption “Merry Christmas!”. hahaha.