52: 16


so this is week 16 for 52 project, can’t believe it’s been four months already! this series is sort of Xin Li inspired. her photos are all so beautiful. :D


took me about one hour to hang the crane up. from folding it to making it “fly”. had to lug the ladder up from the second floor and move things around for space aih my t-shirt was soaked with sweat after that yikes. and I loathe myself for not prepping earlier. -.-


even it took one hour I was lucky to find a suitable dress in like 30 secs and something to sit/lie on in 2 mins hahaha.


attempt 83792. yea, thanks Dell for keeping me “afloat” hahaha it was the magician not me. this was one of the two poses that won’t make me fall and my abs hurt like hell.


after n times of running back and forth from the camera and strategically placing my dress around and correcting my posture I finally got a decent shot.


and this was what happen from my point of view. chaos, chaos and more chaos. @@



I didn’t bother to take it down after the shoot so now it still hangs there. suicidal crane.

the rest is Photoshop magic, yea, my part-time boyfriend hahahaha we’re so gonna get married soon. :P