Just A Minute In May

I've been seeing blobs around the internet these days so I'm trying to make my own blobs. :P

watching | Mindhunter (it's a series heavy with dialogues and if you love criminal psychology you'll be interested in this) and 13 Reasons Why S2

meeting | people I adore because... summer holidays! and before I leave to the States. it was nice seeing y'all. 

loving | the curve that squirrels make when they move. and boy, there are a lot of squirrels here!

it's a packed May as I prepared and left for a new adventure in the States for four months! so this post is more of a paragraph than a list.

I finished shooting a new personal project (coming this July, stay tuned!) and left my job as a photography assistant. then it was packing, packing and packing and meeting up with friends. I didn't get to meet a lot of you though, but hang on, I'll be right back! by the last week, I was already settling down in my new place and now I'm just (VERY) patiently waiting to make that American dough.

I don't know how much time I'll be able to write here in these few months, what with working + finishing and kickstarting (!) a handful of projects + planning for my travels here so, latest update will be on my Instagram.

Just A Minute In April

it's been an exciting month 'cause I was back to the beach and the open sea (new post soon, stay tuned!) and I was inspired by the colours and forms I saw, especially the gradients. sadly, we can't bring a pen and paper to take note underwater. there's this fish that's ugly among the many colourful fishes. it looks black until it turns its body, there's a hint of midnight blue where the light hits differently. hence, a dark and mysterious one for this month. also, slightly before we wrap up the month, I got to watch OneRepublic's performance in KL, my first time holding rock zone ticket!

thinking | that life is magic. it's just constant black out there. to think that all of this wouldn't happen if we weren't so close to a star... it made me laugh a lot, even when I'm alone, in a good way, not the crazy way. everything starts to seem funny all of a sudden.

watching | Stranger Things. honestly, I wasn't hooked until the second half of episode 3. then, I couldn't stop.

thinking | about human emotions and desires. it's weird ain't it? an infant can already tell what it wants or doesn't want. maybe I should do another undergraduate studies... in psychology.

having | a newfound appreciation towards the mundane, seemingly meaningless routine job that some people have. I think it's pretty amazing to be able to focus and finish something as boring. I know I can't.

listening | to Muse (I've said this before: god, Bellamy's voice) and Mary See The Future (as much as I love them, I don't listen to their songs much because they make me so sad).

feeling | sixteen, seventeen again. I guess it's the weather. (it's always the weather).

reading | The Fallen Angel by David Hewson. it's a bit like The Da Vinci Code, etc. by Dan Brown but this is darker. we'll see how it goes.



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Just A Minute In March

haven't tried a loud and ORANGE one before! so here they are! I can't decide which I like more, what do you think?

unusually long post ahead. you see, when you stay an average of extra 1.5 hours being conscious instead of in slumberland...

listening | to Blade Runner 2049's soundtrack and Crowd Lu's 100 Livesyeah, I'm back to the stuck-in-traffic-for-two-hours-daily routine.

loving | (before I go on, they sound very technical ><) 1. the beach vibes guitar, especially with the chromatic / auxiliary passing (welp, shit, I haven't touch Theory of Music for a long time, but I hope you get what I mean), 2. M7 chords, 3. trumpets ('cause of Track 11 of that ^ album!), 4. art deco buildings in the old KL area... funny how I never bother to check what style they're even though I love them since a long time ago until I'm dreaming of opening a repertory cinema / revival house in one of those (yes!!! I wanna run a cinema that screens outdated movies!!! let's talk if you're interested in the idea!)

reading | Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. I feel that I'm too late to read this...

having | firstly, existential angst which slowly turns into creative angst, which are mostly about photography.

thinking | 1. about language. it started with the word "but". I think you can tell a lot about how a person thinks when you take apart their sentence structure to see how they link things together. and then profanities interest me, because you can't really define them, 2. human relationships, and, 3. creativity (a bit obsessively D:)

watching | Goblin. I know I'm late. production value = 100%. I mean, it's the KDrama with the most car crashes I've seen so far. enough said.

feeling | frustrated because all these... sounds are back in my head again but I don't know Ableton enough to make them into something and I don't have the time and focus to learn a new software.

wanting | again, to live in a pedestrian friendly city. as in safe, well-connected and interesting. and hopefully great weather (can't demand, though). I've always wanted to be able to say "hey, let's take a walk", grab my outerwear and just go. sadly, it's difficult here.

wondering | if people can still be candid...