Just A Minute In July

is it just my workplace or what? seems like most of the kitchen equipment uses vintage typography. also, still inspired by the hot summer here! I really wanted to add sun rays but after a couple of hours trying I decided it's too ugly so here's a lazy one. haha.

missing | home. like how familiar each turn and traffic light is. having to figure things out every day is so mentally taxing.

finding | these 90s camcorder zoom-in shots interesting. I'm starting to develop a weird love for them.

watching | movies set in Paris - The Dreamers (again!) and Amelie Poulain. I really want to continue by watching Ratatouille again but I don't have it with me. :(

feeling | a little bit frustrating that I don't really have time for any creative output or experiments. I don't even have time to digest stuff to begin with. information overload. /.\

there's nothing much to update really. working takes up pretty much of my time. otherwise I'm either shopping, sleeping, watching movies or planning for my trip. also, I realize I'm a huge bookworm (or screenworm) 'cause on my off day I can really just stay on my bed reading through my feed the entire day.



Josh Carmody's clamp system turns material samples into tables
John Dykstra's surreal photography without Photoshop

Shanghai 4AM


PROJECT: Child's Play

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teleport to project page

it all started when we had a down day coming in the office so my sifu, Eunice let us try something on our own, whatever it is, as long as we use food as our material. after a few scrolls through Pinterest, I came across this image. more Google Search led me to the original artist's page and boy, he made a series out of it (click the right button till you got to "Winter Games for Kinfolk")!

so the day came and we shot this.

you know how ideas just come and go, like when you're sitting in the toilet tryna poop? I only added the poker cards and the classic tableware for a little twist so that my photo doesn’t come out the same as my inspiration’s. but they're so Malaysian that I thought, "hey, why not make an entire series that's Malaysian?" and boom, here we go 'cause nothing excites me more than having an idea that I can put into form. 

so my family, my boss and I started throwing some snacks and toys from our childhood into a list. then its sourcing for the materials - the most challenging part of the project. I think the worker at the confectionery store at my hometown already knew me by now 'cause of the frequent visits. though our family could be considered as a hoarder, I still needed to search for many things. and sadly, I had to cross out some ideas and come up with something else in the process. (a part two perhaps?)

the idea came so fast that honestly, I wasn’t prepared enough for it. I never thought of how to actually set the crackers up as a house of cards. damn, I didn't even bring enough crackers. but thankfully we have everything I need in the studio. here's a shoutout to Eunice for being a collector (translate: hoarder XD)! so lucky to have that iconic kopitiam cup and saucer.

wasn't part of the plan but Eunice suggested it. it's fun thinking of ways to execute it and then how to Photoshop it.

a lot of the process went like this - just winging it. on one hand, I like that it pushed my creativity and kicked me in the butt to make me try harder this time and all the time after that. it's always fun to come up with a solution to shoot it and then make it into the final image. also, to make impromptu stop motions. on the other, I actually regretted it a little. I'm not one who's good at drafting (my mates always laugh at my storyboards that I did for school :() but a lot of things could've been better if I put more time and thought on it, like planning out the colours and layout. lesson learnt.

despite that, I still enjoyed every moment creating this. it's my first time working indoor with studio lights and surely I still have a long way to go in mastering it. but I can't wait for the day that I'm good enough to be able to play around with them. kudos to my sifu for letting my try! also, you know I always love a Photoshop challenge and because I'm terrible at the kitchen so here's a very crappy GIF of my photo manipulation work-in-progress.

one of the few stop motions I made on-the-fly. catch them all on my Instagram!

many heartfelt thanks to Eunice for her guidance, for giving me space (figuratively as well as literally) as an outlet for my creativity and for pushing my boundaries. also to my mom, who usually nags a lot when I try to take anything from our home for my project, but instead willingly gave me anything I need this time, especially her support, even when she has no idea what the hell I’m up to.

my gratitude also goes to Sum and Pui San for pointing me to my material source, and to Yi Hsien for bouncing ideas with me for the verrryyy last piece. (it's really a matter of racing with time.)

Pacman is something I wanted to do from the very beginning but I had no idea how to execute it other than using Ligo raisins and Tiger biscuit. I had a hard time looking for something to make the ghost.

lastly, thanks to my family for throwing just about anything to me, hoping that it would help. love everyone at home and I'm forever thankful for the incredible support from my friends. <3 A-Star-Star for those who're always with me on any journey I take.

to wrap it up, here's my favourite from the series! comments, feedback and constructive criticisms are welcome. I hope you like the project and you see your childhood in each piece. :)

Just A Minute In June

working at a water park, I see a lot of skins every day. I always joke to myself that, here, it's easier to spot someone with a tattoo than one without. a few of them have pretty totem / dreamcatcher tattoo, which makes me miss building one in Illustrator. so here's one after six months! inspired by the scorching hot sun and the moon hanging in the cloudless night here.

watching | a couple movies at the cinema here. I really wanna take advantage of being out of the country to watch something that Malaysia doesn't have, but so far, only Hollywood movies have attracted me and god, the bus ride is long. anyway, Incredibles 2 is well worth the 14-year wait.

feeling | fascinating especially whenever I pass by the shared kitchen, with so many nationalities cooking all sorts of food and speaking all sorts of languages. also, meanings getting lost in translation happen so often here I can't really wrap my head around the fact that so many of them get sucked into a void.

reading | Old Man and The Sea because I got bored waiting for the bus so I got it from Barnes and Noble. it's one of those books I had trouble finding in Malaysia. speaking of which, that is why I've always wanted to live out of the country - the limitations of books and movies and CDs. butt then again, if I grew up here, I wouldn't appreciate them that much.

I'm pretty busy making dough and new friends here *smirks* so hopefully I'll be able to update on time the next month.