Just A Minute In February

now it strikes me as funny that I never thought of playing with a white background all these while. I'm not being lazy, okay? I really want to try this very minimalistic style.

watching | Ocean's trilogy a.k.a. Brad Pitt eating constantly (I dunno what to do now until when Ocean's 8 hit the big screens on June maybe I should just plan a heist with Wilson), The End of The F***king World (me within the first minute of the series: holy sh-t what did I sign up for?)

fearing | that I have too much patience. like, you know, even when my favourite artist releases a new song / album, I can wait for a couple of years or so to finally listen to the (old) new release. =.=

feeling | relieved when I see my old, regular stuffs become damaged. sounds mad, I know, but I feel like we're buying too many and changing too fast only to use them rarely in this fast-paced world.

wondering | where's all that sincerity? you can't even say people are insincere anymore because there's no effort to begin with. so, where's the sincerity?

reading | Creep by Jennifer Hillier (it's meh) and The Catcher In The Rye (again! gimme all that angst!)



how this guy (now my favourite guy) made a non-existent restaurant into The #1 TripAdvisor Restaurant
a Birdman-ish Malaysian Short

brainstorming session? no, thanks, man.
beautiful Taiwan from above on Eva Air's Menu
lit faces, not Christmas trees


Just A Minute In January

not sure what to do, so Pantone Colour of 2018 it is! can't name a colour I like, but the colour I disliked the most is.. somewhere there around purple on the spectrum. but I change my mind. looking forward to all things ultraviolet this year.

dreaming | of a 1970s Parisian apartment, bathed in orange lights, complete with a turntable and good music. oh, and a bathtub! but hopefully it's not filled with stinkin' tobaccos. 

loving | cyberpunk vibes and steampunk... yeah, more cyberpunk.

watching | From 5 To 9 (omg I miss JDrama so much! I know I say this every time I watch one, but I watch them rarely!) and a handful of films - some good, some meh (I will probably not annoy you here with the films I watched anymore since I signed up for Letterboxd, feel free to talk films with me!)

listening | to the music that I would be listening if I'm living in my dream Parisian apartment and Florence + The Machine (thanks, FF!)

reading | Nineteen Eighty-Four, finally!



Why Time Flies

a project that warmed my heart - Japanese Tip
photo collages of Romania's houses
Nihon Noir - Japan in Blade Runner-esque aesthetic
500 Colored Pencils by FELISIMMO
this picturesque photo series of heavy snow in Hokkaido
Omoshiroi Block - reason to finish your notepad

The Last 7 - a short film
Wander with Wonder by Traveloka



Just A Minute In December


ahh! got all the time in my hands so I spent hours doing this and I love every bit of it! what do you think? on the surface it doesn't seem to have anything to do with December, but if you look closely there're twelve moons, each representing a month of the year. and the different phases of the moon represents the different phases this year!

enjoying | doing nothing. just sittin' 'round seeing if there are things that I can remix. I already have a few that I want to try out.

playing | Final Fantasy XV. and I completed it! apparently it's only because there's no cliff for me to jump off. HA HA. (my friend nicknames me "cliffhanger" XD)

reading | The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

taking | my time to sort through my stuffs for a new chapter in life.  :):




Creatives and Freelancers - Why it Doesn't Pay to Work for Free

moving ukiyo-e paintings
the Taiwan emoji project

Fincher hijacked your eyes and you may not know it